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How to print on our fabric bases


If you are looking for a leading Italian fabric printing company, we are the ones for you. Browse the catalogue of customisable fabrics, you will find cotton, linen, viscose, pure silk, recycled polyester and many more. We only use water-free digital pigment and sublimation printing. Whether you are designing your new fashion collection or upholstering an armchair, you will find the right fabric base for your needs in our online shop.


Our polyester fabric line made of Sublitex will provide you with an OEKO-TEX class I certified fabric. We use transfer paper from FSC-certified mills, eco-friendly, allergen-free inks that do not harm you or the planet.


How to create a customised order


It only takes a few clicks in the shop to customise a fabric. After finding the ideal fabric for your project on our fabric swatch book, customise it with photos, patterns, hand-made designs and then digitised in high definition.

Do you need to print designs for the home decoration or fashion world? We give you the opportunity to consult the company archive with over 600 designs for yourself!


Dye sublimation printing, used on polyester fibres, always guarantees brilliant colours. Pigment printing does not use water, resulting in printing on natural and man-made fibres in the most delicate and resistant colours. Today, we can claim a water consumption for the pigment printing process of close to zero, whereas a 50m piece printed with reagent required a consumption of around 1000 litres of water.


If you have any doubts about the rendering of your design, our graphic designers will be at your side, choose the most suitable graphic service for you! See the dedicated page, click here.

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