Polyester fabrics

Discover the reliability and versatility of polyester fabrics at TheColorSoup!

Our website offers a range of polyester fabrics for sale by the meter with printing made from this durable and high-quality synthetic material. You can also find a selection of recycled polyesters derived from the recycling of plastic bottles and fishing nets. You'll find a wide assortment of options to choose from: weaves, weight, and colors.

In stock
Plain polyester voile fabric
5 €/m incl. VAT
Microfiber canvas fabric without printing.
8 €/m incl. VAT
Plain double jersey fabric
10 €/m incl. VAT
Plain velvet-effect fabric
10 €/m incl. VAT
Plain double satin fabric
12 €/m incl. VAT
Recycled microperforated jersey fabric without print
12 €/m incl. VAT
Microfiber Canvas Fabric
15 €/m incl. VAT
Bermuda fabric for swimwear
18 €/m incl. VAT
Polyester Flag Fabric
18 €/m incl. VAT
Sportswear fabric
18 €/m incl. VAT
Poly satin fabric
20 €/m incl. VAT
Polyester Voile Fabric
20 €/m incl. VAT
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